Satsuma Matchlock Rifle Display

Experience the deafening boom and clouds of smoke from traditional matchlock rifles
samurai firing matchlock rifle Japanese shrine Kagoshima

The Hioki Teppo-tai will be showing off their Edo-period matchlock rifles in a display at Sengan-en. The Shimadzu were early adopters of rifles after they were introduced to Tanegashima by the Portuguese in 1543.

Dressed in full armour, the members of the Hioki Teppo-tai will show why the Shimadzu were feared on the battlefield with a thunderous display of traditional gunnery.
The deafening boom of the rifles and the clouds of smoke must have been a fearsome sight when they were used on the battlefield!

One of the techniques introduced will be “zazenjin” or “sutegamari”, said to have been used at the battle of Sekigahara to assist Shimadzu Yoshihiro in fleeing the battlefield.

Satsuma Matchlock Rifle Display
May 5, 2020
Performances from:

Performances will be held in the lower garden in front of the house.
(Cancelled in the event of rain)