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Sengan-en and Shoko Shuseikan Museum will be closed until September 30th due to the State of Emergency in some areas of Japan.

Jimyo-sai Beauty Festival

Learn the secrets of Japanese beauty and receive the blessing of an ancient Princess

The lords and family members of the Shimadzu family are enshrined at Tsurugane Shrine, located next to the house and gardens at Sengan-en. Among the family members is Princess Kameju, the third daughter of the Yoshihisa, the 16th head of the Shimadzu family.

Kameju was known for her kindness and beauty and was revered by the people of Kagoshima.

When Kameju died she took the name Jimyo-in and even today is affectionately referred to as Jime-saa by the people of Kagoshima. It is said that visitors to Tsurugane Shrine will be blessed with her beauty, and each year we hold an event called Jimyo-sai where women gather to pray for health and beauty.

After visiting Tsurugane Shrine and participating in a Shinto ceremony giving blessings of health and beauty enjoy a light lunch in our Ohkatei restaurant. Our head chef has specially prepared a healthy Bijin Gozen lunch for this occasion using the freshest seasonal ingredients to promote beauty from within.

Jimyo-sai Beauty Festival
Friday, November 5th
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