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New Year Shrine Visit and Spiritual Tour of Sengan-en

Learn how to pray at a Shinto shrine then discover the spiritual side of Sengan-en

Start the new year in traditional style with a visit to Tsurugane Shrine and a guided tour of some of the most spiritual spots at Sengan-en.

Japanese people make the first visit to a Shinto shrine of the New Year in a practice called hatsumode.

Many people wear kimono to for hatsumode while wishing for good luck in the year to come.

For staff at Sengan-en hatsumode usually takes place at Tsurugane Shrine located just next to the gardens. 31 generations of the Shimadzu family, their family members, and some important retainers are enshrined there, and it is known as a particularly spiritual spot to the people of Kagoshima.

Learn the correct way to pray at a Shinto shrine then take a guided tour around the gardens to find some spiritual spots to refresh and cleanse yourself for the year ahead.

After a guided tour and a good dose of spiritual energy you will have worked up an appetite, so the tour includes a tasting of three flavours of Jambo Mochi, a local Kagoshima specialty.

New Year Shrine Visit and Spiritual Tour
Wednesday, January 1st
Thursday, January 2nd
Friday, January 3rd

All days start 9:00 - 10:30
¥1,000 (Excludes entry to Sengan-en)
Group size:
20 people per session
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Additional information:
Route may change depending on weather