Sengan-en Matcha Café

Relax and refresh both body and mind with traditional Kagoshima teas and sweets

Take some time out and relax in the refined modern Japanese surroundings of the Sengan-en Matcha Café. Choose from a selection of Kagoshima’s finest teas paired with delicious local sweets and discover the finest omotenashi hospitality.

Japanese woman in kimono tea ceremony

Refresh yourself after a stroll around the grounds of Sengan-en with a bowl of high-grade matcha, or sip on a selection of green teas straight from the lush tea fields of Kirishima and Chiran, curated by our expert staff. A wide selection of seasonal wagashi sweets will accompany your drink for the perfect pairing of bitter and sweet, leaving you in a neutral state of bliss.

Japanese tea bowls matcha and sweets

The modern Japanese interior contrasted with the traditional gardens outside create the perfect place to strike the balance between old and new. Try a modern twist on tea culture with our Matcha Latte or refresh yourself with a selection of Kurozu vinegar drinks or traditional Japanese remedy, Amazake. A choice of light seasonal meals and desserts is also available, including our own take on a Kagoshima classic, Shirokuma shaved ice.

Opening Times
(last order at 16:30)
52 seats

Sengan-en Matcha Café is a non-smoking restaurant.

All prices include tax and service charges.

The menu may change due to the availability of ingredients.

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