Jambo Mochi Shop

Discover the sweet treat loved by the samurai of Satsuma

Take a break and sample the local Kagoshima specialty Jambo Mochi, a light snack said to be loved by the samurai of Satsuma.

toasting Jambo Mochi on grill

Our mochi rice cakes are freshly pounded each morning at Sengan-en before being lightly toasted on both sides and skewered with bamboo sticks. The mochi are then plunged into sweet soy, miso, or kokuto caramel glaze and served warm for you to enjoy.

traditional Japanese sweets Jambo Mochi and green tea

The two sticks used to skewer the mochi are said to represent the two swords worn by the samurai. Jambo Mochi were a popular snack for samurai travelling north out of Kagoshima who would pass by Sengan-en before heading into the mountains.

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