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Autumn at Sengan-en

Autumn Comes, Autumn Leaves

Perfect temperatures, stunning autumn colours, and the unmissable Sengan-en Chrysanthemum Festival make this one of the best seasons to make a trip to southern Kyushu and visit Kagoshima. Enjoy seasonal delicacies in our restaurants before taking a stroll to admire the gardens in autumn.

traditional Japanese garden spring

Stunning views, calming gardens

Find tranquillity in the land of fire

Delight in the contrast between the raw power of active volcano Sakurajima and the 12 acres of calming traditional gardens. Discover peaceful ponds, bubbling streams, mysterious shrines, tea rooms, a bamboo grove, and a mountain hiking trail with a breathtaking panoramic view of the bay and volcano beyond.

Explore the gardens

The House

Follow in the footsteps of the influential Shimadzu family

Visit the house lived in and loved by generations of the Shimadzu family and enjoy the private view over the gardens, Kinko Bay, and Sakurajima beyond. The house is built using flawless Yakushima cedar cut from trees over 1,000 years old, and features a fascinating mix of Japanese, Chinese, and Western influences, showing the truly international nature of the Shimadzu clan. 

Visit the house
shoko shuseikan museum exterior

Shoko Shuseikan Museum

800-year legacy of the Shimadzu family

Follow the course of the Shimadzu family over 800 years, and see how the international relations they forged led to the development of industrialisation in modern Japan. The Shoko Shuseikan Museum is housed in the oldest stone factory building in Japan, built in 1865.

Step back in time
Satsuma Kiriko crystal glass red

Shimadzu Satsuma Kiriko Glassworks

Marvel at the pinnacle of Kagoshima craftsmanship

Watch master craftsmen blow and cut Satsuma Kiriko crystal glass right before your eyes, then marvel at the pinnacle of Kagoshima’s traditional craftsmanship at the gallery shop next door. See each stage of the production of this unique glass, and be amazed at the skill and concentration of the craftsmen who make it.

Discover Satsuma Kiriko

Unparalleled beauty of Sakurajima

Feel the raw power of an active volcano

Marvel at one of the world's most active volcanoes, only four kilometres across Kinko Bay. Framed by the stunning traditional gardens, this smouldering monument to the power of nature was the main reason for Sengan-en being built in this location by Shimadzu Mitsuhisa in 1658.

Discover Sengan-en

Whether a first-time visitor or a seasoned veteran, there is always something new to discover at Sengan-en. Take a look at our recommended courses.