House Closed Tuesday, December 28th
The house will be closed to the public on Tuesday, December 28th for maintenance. The gardens and all other areas will be open as normal. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

News & Events

Rich cultural heritage and unforgettable experiences
Enjoy events in each season at Sengan-en against the backdrop of active volcano Sakurajima. Experience the rich cultural heritage of Kagoshima, and the traditions of the 800-year-old Shimadzu family for an unforgettable memory of your trip to Japan.
02 Dec

Kusajishi-shiki Traditional Archery

Held each year in November, Kusajishi-shiki is a traditional event in which archers dressed in ceremonial robes shoot at a target in the shape of a deer.

13 Dec
07 Jan

New Year’s Decorations

Traditional "kadomatsu" decorations to welcome the New Year

29 Dec
06 Jan

Sengan-en Winter Peonies

Enjoy beautiful winter flowers in straw houses that protect against the cold and snow

01 Jan
02 Jan

New Year’s Mochi-Tsuki

Join in with traditional New Year's celebrations at Sengan-en and try handmade mochi rice cakes.

01 Jan
06 Jan

Traditional Food of the Shimadzu Family

Enjoy a traditional meal passed down in the Shimadzu family for hundreds of years.

01 Jan
03 Jan

Free Entry Wearing Kimono 2019

Free Entry Wearing Kimono 2019

03 Jan

New Year’s Falconry

Watch a spectacular performance of traditional New Year's Falconry in the lower garden.

Shimadzu Samurai Armour Experience

Fulfill your samurai fantasies and be dressed in authentic armour by our expert curators.