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Rich cultural heritage and unforgettable experiences
Enjoy events in each season at Sengan-en against the backdrop of active volcano Sakurajima. Experience the rich cultural heritage of Kagoshima, and the traditions of the 800-year-old Shimadzu family for an unforgettable memory of your trip to Japan.
16 Feb
25 Apr

Sengan-en Hina Matsuri

The Sengan-en Hina Matsuri, or Girls' Day Festival beings on February 16th and continues until April 25th. A collection of Hina dolls and their intricately detailed accessories will be on display at the Shoko Shuseikan Museum Annex.

01 Apr
07 Apr

Original Badge Making

Make your own original badge as a memory of your visit to Sengan-en. Choose from several original designs with motifs like Satsuma Kiriko and the cross in a circle crest of the Shimadzu family.

20 Apr

Make a Traditional Scented Sachet

Find out about the history of incense with researcher Iwakawa Takuo and then make your very own scented sachet.

27 Apr
06 May

Gogatsu Nobori Streamers

Gogatsu-nobori are a Shimadzu family tradition celebrating the boy's day festival that stretches back generations. Seven huge poles are erected in the garden and adorned with streamers decorated with climbing dragons and the crests of the Shimadzu family.

27 Apr
06 May

Tango no Sekku Special Lunch and Samurai Armour Plan

This special limited-edition plan features not only the chance to wear samurai armour and have pictures taken to celebrate Tango no Sekku (Boy’s Day Festival), but also a delicious lunch in our Ohkatei Restaurant.

27 Apr
06 May

Following in the Footsteps of Shimadzu Yoshihiro

This panel display will highlight some of the key moments in the life of Shimadzu Yoshihiro in celebration of 400 years since his death.

27 Apr
28 Apr

Kagoshima Hanya Festival

Dai Hanya is a dancing festival where groups from all over Japan gather in Kagoshima to show off their own original dance moves. This is the first time that the Hanya Festival will be held at Sengan-en.

01 May

Reiwa Era Celebration Events

Join us to celebrate the beginning of the Reiwa Era with performances of taiko drumming, calligraphy, and a demonstration of matchlock rifles!

01 May

The Imperial Household and the Shimadzu Family (Talk)

This lecture by Chitoshi Matsuo, head curator of the Shoko Shuseikan Museum, will explain the relationship between the Shimadzu family and the Imperial Household. The lecture will be in Japanese only.

02 May

400th Anniversary of the Death of Shimadzu Yoshihiro

2019 marks 400 years since the passing of Shimadzu Yoshihiro, 17th head of the Shimadzu family and one of the most skilled generals of the Sengoku period. Called “Demon Shimadzu” for his daring victories on the battlefield against vastly larger forces, Yoshihiro is still revered today as the epitome of Satsuma samurai chivalry and honour.

03 May

Noda-go Shimadzu Taiko Performance

Enjoy a powerful performance of taiko drumming from Noda-go Shimadzu Taiko. Feel the echo of the drums around the garden against the impressive backdrop of active volcano Sakurajima.

04 May

Oda Taiko Odori Performance

In celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Death of Shimadzu Yoshihiro, a performance of Oda Taiko Odori will be held in the lower garden at Sengan-en.