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Rich cultural heritage and unforgettable experiences
Enjoy events in each season at Sengan-en against the backdrop of active volcano Sakurajima. Experience the rich cultural heritage of Kagoshima, and the traditions of the 800-year-old Shimadzu family for an unforgettable memory of your trip to Japan.
01 Nov
24 Nov

Sengan-en Chrysanthemum Festival

Delight in the display of over 15,000 chrysanthemums against the stunning backdrop of active volcano Sakurajima. Impressive display pieces, mannequins wearing flower kimono, and carefully manicured bonsai bring a wave of colour to Sengan-en.

05 Nov

Jimyo-sai Beauty Festival

Learn the secrets of Japanese beauty and receive the blessing of an ancient Princess. Try traditional Japanese cosmetics and enjoy a healthy lunch at our Ohkatei Restaurant.

10 Nov

Satsuma Hioki Teppo-tai Matchlock Rifle Display

Dressed in full samurai armour, the members of the Hioki Teppo-tai will show why the Shimadzu were feared on the battlefield with a thunderous display of traditional gunnery.

12 Nov

Chrysanthemum Night at Sengan-en

Enjoy a special one-off evening viewing of the house and gardens with a meal in the rooms where the princesses of the Shimadzu family were raised.

17 Nov

Noda-go Shimadzu Taiko Performance

Enjoy a powerful performance of taiko drumming from Noda-go Shimadzu Taiko. Feel the echo of the drums around the garden against the impressive backdrop of active volcano Sakurajima.

01 Dec

Kusajishi-shiki Traditional Archery

Held each year in November, Kusajishi-shiki is a traditional event in which archers dressed in ceremonial robes shoot at a target in the shape of a deer. Performed by the Ogasawara-ryu, this tradition has its roots in the Kamakura period (1185-1333).

Shimadzu Samurai Armour Experience

Fulfill your samurai fantasies and be dressed in authentic armour by our expert curators.