Shimadzu Gift Shops

A collection of Kagoshima brands hand-picked by the Shimadzu family

The Shimadzu Gift Shops feature a number of famous local brands with a historical connection to the Shimadzu family. Each brand tells its story and connection to the Shimadzu family through our carefully curated selection of products. Browse the finest confectionery, condiments, tea and shochu, each with the seal of approval of the 800-year-old Shimadzu family.

karukan Japanese traditional tea sweet
Akashiya family crest


Kagoshima's premier producer of traditional confectionery for over 150 years

Sample the finest in Kagoshima confectionery at Akashiya. In 1851, Shimadzu Nariakira recruited confectioner Yashima Rokubei to create tasty new preserved foods with nutritional value. Rokubei founded a store called Akashiya and began creating a variety of delicious sweets, including a new kind of steamed cake called karukan.

green tea southern Kyushu Kagoshima
Birouen logo


The finest Kagoshima green tea, from tea field to your teacup

Savour the flavour and fragrance of Kagoshima green tea, and find a brew to stir your heart with Birouen. Kagoshima Prefecture is the second largest producer of tea in Japan, and Birouen take the utmost care to ensure that every plant in every field produces only the finest tea for you to enjoy.

soy sauce ponzu sauce
Fujiyasu brewing logo

Fujiyasu Brewing

The finest condiments supporting Kagoshima's rich food culture

Discover the finest condiments in Kagoshima. The Fujiyasu family were official merchants of the Satsuma domain. Fujiyasu Brewing was founded by Fujiyasu Kizaemon in 1870, producing soy sauce, miso, and cooking vinegar for the Shimadzu family, and has played a supporting role in the development of Kagoshima’s food culture ever since.

kuro Satsuma pot for vinegar
Sakamoto Kurozu logo

Sakamoto Kurozu

Healthy and delicious Kurozu rice vinegar

Enjoy the rich, mellow, rounded flavour of Kurozu and the many health benefits it provides. Kurozu rice vinegar has been brewed in Kagoshima for more than 200 years. Sakamoto Kurozu is brewed from organic steamed rice, high quality natural spring water, and the finest koji in Kuro Satsuma-ware jars.

Bontan-ame Japanese sweets in bowl
Seika Foods logo

Seika Foods

Tasty sweets imbued with the history and culture of Kagoshima

Try a wide variety of sweets that have become family favourites, made right here in Kagoshima. Seika Foods was founded in 1903 as a confectionery wholesaler, and for over 100 years has been dedicated to producing confectionery that expresses Kagoshima to the people of the world.

Shimadzu Gift Shops interior
Shimadzu family clan crest

Sengan-en Original Shop

A carefully selected line-up of original products only available here at Sengan-en

Working closely with local businesses, we have created a selection of products exclusive to Sengan-en, including the finest Kagoshima shochu and black tea.

Kagoshima shochu selection


Kagoshima’s famous fire water

Shochu is a distilled liquor that is made from sweet potatoes, barley, rice, and sometimes other ingredients. Kagoshima is famous for sweet potato shochu, and there are over 2,000 varieties being produced today. From bold, earthy, complex flavours to light, sweet and mellow notes, there is a great selection of shochu to enjoy that pairs perfectly with local cuisine.

Kagoshima original black tea

Kagoshima Black Tea

The drink of gentlemen and samurai

Tea makes the world go round, but did you know that both green tea and black tea are made from exactly the same leaf? Kagoshima is the second largest producer of tea in Japan, and we still use an original 19th century recipe to produce “Bushi no Kocha”—Samurai Tea.

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