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Sengan-en Hina Matsuri

Discover traditional dolls of the Shimadzu family


The Sengan-en Hina Matsuri, or Girls’ Day Festival beings on February 16th and continues until April 25th.

A collection of Hina dolls and their intricately detailed accessories will be on display at the Shoko Shuseikan Museum Annex.

Accompanying the display of hina dolls is a huge collection of miniature accessories – over 400 pieces! The amazingly detailed miniature accessories tell the story of the daily life of a Japanese princess.

These accessories were given as presents to the Shimadzu family by fifth Tokugawa Shogun, Tsunayoshi. Tsunayoshi’s adopted daughter Take-hime married Shimadzu Tsugutoyo and the hina doll accessories were one of the presents for their marriage. The accessories prominently feature the Tokugawa hollyhock and the Shimadzu peony family crests.

Entry to the display is free with entry to Sengan-en.

Sengan-en Hina Matsuri
March 1st - April 25th, 2021
Shoko Shuseikan Museum Annex Building
Free with entrance ticket to Sengan-en
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