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"Drifters" Original Artwork Display

Celebrating 450 years since the birth of Shimadzu Toyohisa


To celebrate 450 years since the birth of Sengoku period samurai Shimadzu Toyohisa we have organized a special display of original artwork from the manga series “Drifters” by creator Kota Hirano to be held at Sengan-en.

Drifters is a fantasy adventure which begins with Shimadzu Toyohisa being transported away from the Battle of Sekigahara to another world where he joins a team of historical heroes in a battle against the evil “Ends”. The manga has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide in five different languages and has been adapted into an equally popular animated series.

The real Toyohisa died on the battlefield at Sekigahara whilst allowing his uncle Shimadzu Yoshihiro to make a now legendary escape back to Kagoshima. The armour thought to have been used by Toyohisa at Sekigahara is in the collection of the Shoko Shuseikan Museum and has a prominent holes thought to be made by the spear thrusts that killed him. Visitors to Sengan-en can even wear an authentic replica of Toyohisa’s armour by booking our Shimadzu Samurai Armour Experience!

We hope that this display will be an opportunity to discover the true history of the Shimadzu clan through the world of Drifters.


In addition to the display of Drifters artwork we will also be hosting “Saburau”, a display of art and artifacts related to the world of traditional martial arts and modern culture. The display features calligraphy, manga artwork, and documents from the Taisha-ryu school of swordsmanship that was prominent in Kyushu around the time of Shimadzu Toyohisa.

Celebrating 450 years since the birth of Shimadzu Toyohisa
"Drifters" Original Artwork Display
Tuesday, September 15th - Sunday, October 4th
The house at Sengan-en
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