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Summer Irises at Sengan-en

Enjoy the start of summer with a spectacular display of irises

irises outside the house at Sengan-en with gold screen

Enjoy our yearly display of irises at Sengan-en! Our gardeners have prepared around 3,000 of these stunning deep purple flowers and displayed them around the gardens, bringing a hint of colour to the deep green backdrop of the gardens and mountains behind.

Irises were much loved by the samurai for their beautiful flowers, which fade and die in only a few days. For the samurai this represented the fleeting nature of life and nobility in death. They were thought to ward off evil and were often used as a design motif on armour and clothing.

The flowers will be on display around the grounds until June 16th.

Summer Irises at Sengan-en
Saturday, May 29 - Sunday, June 13
Free with entry to Sengan-en
Sengan-en Main Garden
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