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New Year's Decorations

Traditional decorations for the New Year Season

New Year is one of the biggest annual events in Japan, and visitors to Japan will often see decorations made of green bamboo and pine leaves at the entrances to houses. These decorations are called kadomatsu, and are used to show the God of New Year which houses to visit and bring good fortune to.

At Sengan-en the kadomatsu are built according to a method passed down for generations in the Shimadzu family, and stand at almost three meters tall!

Our garden staff will spend about 4 hours putting the decorations together and they will be on display into January, so make sure to come along and take a look before spending your New Year in Kagoshima!

New Year's Decorations
Sunday, 13th December 2019 - Thursday, 7th January, 2021
In front of reception at Sengan-en
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