Ito-bina Craft Class

Try your hand at making a traditional doll to celebrate the Girl's Festival

“Ito-bina” are a traditional hand craft that has been passed down in the Satsuma area since the start of the Edo period.

The dolls are made of a strand of hemp, which represents robustness and long life, around which layers of coloured paper representing kimono are wrapped. The dolls are finished with a piece of kimono fabric, and an intricately painted cover before being displayed.

Join Kagoshima’s only remaining Ito-bina crafts-person Reiko Niyama and try this extremely rare hand craft for yourself.

A reservation is required in advance to participate in this event.

Ito-bina Craft Class
Saturday, February 15th, 2020
13:00 - 15:00
Hime-no-ma in the main house
¥2,000 (Does not include entry to Sengan-en)
Up to 30 people
Please use the form below.