Sengan-en Hina Matsuri

Discover traditional dolls of the Shimadzu family
hina dolls on display with accessories

The Sengan-en Hina Matsuri, or Girls’ Day Festival beings on February 16th and continues until April 25th.

A collection of Hina dolls and their intricately detailed accessories will be on display at the Shoko Shuseikan Museum Annex.

Accompanying the display of hina dolls is a huge collection of miniature accessories – over 400 pieces! The amazingly detailed miniature accessories tell the story of the daily life of a Japanese princess.

These accessories were given as presents to the Shimadzu family by fifth Tokugawa Shogun, Tsunayoshi. Tsunayoshi’s adopted daughter Take-hime married Shimadzu Tsugutoyo and the hina doll accessories were one of the presents for their marriage. The accessories prominently feature the Tokugawa hollyhock and the Shimadzu peony family crests.

A number of exciting events will be held throughout the season, so make sure to come along, enjoy the spring flowers, and get a real taste of Kagoshima local culture.

Entry to the display is free with entry to Sengan-en.

Sengan-en Hina Matsuri
Held from:
Saturday, February 15th - Sunday, April 26th, 2020
8:30 - 17:30