Gogatsu Nobori Streamers

Spectacular decorations set against the backdrop of Sakurajima

Gogatsu Nobori streamers and Sakurajima

Between the 27th of April and the 6th of May make sure not to miss the chance to see “Gogatsu-nobori” in the lower garden at Sengan-en.
Gogatsu-nobori are a Shimadzu family tradition celebrating the boy’s day festival that stretches back generations. Seven huge poles are erected in the garden and adorned with streamers decorated with climbing dragons and the crests of the Shimadzu family.

Standing over 10 metres tall, gogatsu-nobori were originally intended to show the Shinto gods that a boy had been born in the household displaying them. On top of each pole is a decoration called “umajirushi”. These umajirushi decorations are based on the paulownia and cross in a circle family crests.

The Gogatsu-nobori are quite a spectacle against the backdrop of Sakurajima, so make sure not to miss out the chance to see this remnant of traditional samurai culture.

Gogatsu Nobori Streamers
Saturday, April 24 – Wednesday, May 5, 2020
On display in the lower garden in front of the house.
(In the event of bad weather the flags may be taken down)
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