Traditional Architecture

There are many examples of traditional Japanese architecture around the grounds. The house used by the lords of the Shimadzu family, the original main gate, the tin gate, a number of shrines, and the Ryukyu style pavilion among others.
Original Main Gate(Tin-Roofed Gate)
Bogakuro Ryukyuan Pavilion
Tsurugane Shrine

Stunning Japanese Gardens

The garden features a wide variety of plants and flowers found in Japan and tropical regions. Among these there are also several rare species which can only be seen in Kagoshima.
‘Borrowed Scenery’ Garden
Lion Stone Lantern
Hisago Pond
Konan Bamboo Grove

Tradition and Culture

Kyokusui no En

Kyokusui no En is an elegant poetry game originating in ancient China in which small cups of sake are floated down a winding stream. Participants dressed in traditional clothing sat along either side of the stream must write a waka poem before the cup passes in front of them. On completing their poems the participants take the cup from the stream and drink the sake.


Kusajishi-shiki is a traditional archery ceremony performed by the Ogasawara-ryu - a traditional school of martial arts and etiquette. Stretching back to the time of Minamoto no Yoritomo, this tradition was performed for successive generations of Shogun and is a highly advanced form of martial art.

Shimadzu Family Hina Ningyo

Hina Ningyo are dolls displayed on Girl’s Day representing the emperor and empress, their courtiers and various accessories. These dolls have been passed down in the Shimadzu family for generations.


The trekking course rising up into the hills behind the garden provides a fantastic view of the city and Sakurajima on a clear day. (It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the top).


There are several restaurants around the grounds serving a variety of foods made with fresh local produce. You can also try the local specialty snack food Jambo Mochi.


Catering for small or large groups, Shofuken has a wide variety of dishes on the menu, many of which use Kagoshima’s famous kurobuta pork.
Opening times 11:00~15:00(last order 14:30)


Ohkatei has a fantastic view and is ideal for smaller groups. This restaurant serves regional specialties and traditional Japanese food made with fresh local produce, such as sea bream,kurobuta pork and other seasonal ingredients.
Opening times 11:00~16:00(last order 15:30)

Sengan-en Matcha Cafe

Enjoy a selection of the finest Kagoshima teas paired with delicious local sweets.
Opening times 11:00~15:00(last order 15:00)

Jambo Mochi Shop

This sweet treat is a local specialty and is made from mochi rice cakes skewered on two sticks and covered in soy or miso based sauce.
Opening times 9:00~17:30


Sengan-en also features a number of shops selling local craftsmanship and produce. From Satsuma Kiriko cut glass and Satsuma-ware pottery, to snacks made with locally produced sweet potatoes, black vinegar, and the famous local liquor shochu.

Sengan-en Brand Shop

The Sengan-en Brand Shop introduces the pinnacle of Satsuma craftsmanship alongside products made from one thousand year old cedar from World Natural Heritage Site Yakushima. Sparkling Satsuma Kiriko crystal glass and refined Satsuma-ware pottery are joined by Yakushima cedar products made with wood from trees over 1000 years old.
Opening times 8:30~17:30

Shimadzu Gift Shops

The Shimadzu Gift Shops feature a number of famous local brands with a historical connection to the Shimadzu family, some stretching back hundreds of years. Each brand tells its story and its connection to the Shimadzu family through our carefully curated selection of products.
Opening times 8:30~17:30

Satsuma Gift Shops

The Satsuma Gift Shops sell a large range of local products including a large selection of local sweets, freshly made satsuma a’ge, clothes and bags made with Oshima Tsumugi silk pongee, and Kagoshima bamboo craft items.
Opening times 8:30~17:30
※Tax-free shopping・・・All of the shops in Sengan-en are tax free. Please ask shop staff for details.